Posted on: March 27, 2008 5:28 pm


Well, I did it.  Today, I accepted a job in New York! 

I'm shuffling off to ... Poughkeepsie!  Luckily, and pretty much because, I know the lady I'll be working for, the transition from MA to NY won't be too stressful.  It's still a bit surreal but I'm thrilled, excited, scared and so very much ready for the challenges that lay ahead.

Getting in on the ground floor of a small company (they went public just two years ago) that has an entrepreneurial spirit is a wonderful opportunity to grow as the company does!    

Besides wanting to share the good news with my online buddies, I also wanted to assure my fellow Patriots' and Bruins' fans that I will not, under any circumstances, betray my teams!  The Jets, Giants, Bills, Sabres and Rangers?  Fuggedabowdit!   


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